- A centuries-long tradition -

Gea Jewelry factory is located in the heart of the Tuscany region, in the small province of Arezzo, a beautiful medieval city where modernity has not yet taken over. Arezzo, or Aretium as the Etruscans called it, is considered the worldwide capital of the jewelry industry: gold processing is a millenary tradition of our territory that still lives nowadays.

Arezzo city

And the tradition continues: in our factory, every little piece is made by hand from our artisans. We are extremely proud of this.
Giovanni, head of Gea Jewelry, has spent nearly 30 years in gold industry.
Today, all the pieces are still creating following the old traditional way of our Etruscans ancestors.
Gea artisan



"Quality above all else" is our motto!
Product quality: thanks to our knowledge and our traditional working method every single piece is studied in detail.
Customer service quality: our work is not limited only to producing and selling 18K gold jewellery. We assist our customers every single minute after the purchase.
Behind every product, therefore, there is history and passion and our mission is to convey these beautiful sensations to our customers.
Gea artisan
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